Fair Market Value Leasing

FMV - A Strategic Equipment Rental Solution


The pressure to do more with less, cut costs, and improve efficiency continues to build - yet you must innovate and remain competitive. A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease with First American could be the strategic tool you need to stay ahead in today's competitive environment.

Reduce Costs  


Lease the equipment you need now, and the total of your rental payments will be less than today's cash purchase price. Spend less on the equipment, and achieve more by refreshing your technology on a regular cycle.

Reduce Costs  


As equipment ages, maintenance costs continue to escalate, driving up the total cost of ownership. A study from the International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that 70% of today's IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance alone. An FMV lease provides predictable monthly payments to help avoid the maintenance costs of outdated equipment. FMV leasing allows you to match the warranty of the equipment to the lease term.

Stay Ahead of the Curve  


First American's FMV lease programs protect you from the obsolescence risk factors associated with rapidly depreciating assets by implementing an equipment refresh program. FMV leasing programs enable you to consistently obtain the most sophisticated current equipment and stand out from the competition while attracting the best and brightest employees.

Improve Efficiency  


Fixed monthly payments with an FMV lease allow you to align costs with anticipated benefits or revenue generation milestones. As the equipment's useful life approaches the end, you do not have to worry about the logistics or costs associated with equipment disposal. Just return the equipment to First American, and we will manage its disposal or reuse in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.


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